Will we bounce down from highs?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by colonial dr, Sep 6, 2012.

Will we bounce down from new highs?

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  1. Yes (lower)

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  2. No (higher)

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  1. Poll

    1429 is high -but with volatility, will we continue upwards?
  2. maybe
  3. bonds


    are you trying to pick tops? we're gonna be past 1429 today
  4. shorted a couple at 30..lets see
  5. Why does the market hate me :(
  6. don't fade unless you think it's going lower
  7. Because you constantly fight the trend.
  8. clacy


    Eventually this market (and most asset classes) will not just bounce down from highs, but will crash. But for now, it's "RISK ON!!!" because the central banks around the world are forecasting QE for some time to come.
  9. i am guessing your shorting. the truth about shorting a whole market is doing it small and giving it room. i learned a lot watching the market in my life you will never call a top. if you don't have money and you are using big leverage you are going to bust.