Will Wall Street be deserted soon?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by toc, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. toc


    Seems right now computers are taking over very short term trading mechanisms.............in a decade or so this capability will increase to much more longer term and there may not be a place for human analyst or trader.


    "The future of Wall Street, in my mind, is computer on computer action, says Maymin. "Humans come in, they check their stuff daily, and it's just computers battling intraday."
  2. Nice......

    Everyone's making the big bucks without doing anything:D
  3. When its dead a can a computer create enough order flow in a single stock to run it higher , if the stock is carefully chosen?
  4. gov


    Yeah, we saw how that worked out in May....
  5. piezoe


    We have not quite reached the point where computers can program themselves starting from scratch. So far there has to be a human involved, at least at the beginning. Therein lies the vulnerability of these bots.
  6. The Rise of the Machines. This can't have a "happy ending". :(