Will Velocityfutures match the new CBOT fees?

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by GeorgeSoros, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. Right now they offer ZB/ZN at 3.95usd per roundturn and it includes the 1.8usd exchange fees (0.9*2)

    So if the exchange fees go to 0.3*2=0.6usd that is 1.2usd saved and so the commission would then be :
    0-4999 $2.75
    5000-9999 $2.60
    10,000-14,999 $2.40
    15,000-19,999 $2.20
    20,000-50,000 $2.05
    50,000+ $1.90

    Not a bad deal, knowing the volatily of ZN...

    Can someone from VF confirms this new commission plan?
  2. Perhaps they were already "discounting" the effect of the lower CBOT fees. . .
  3. No don't think so, this has been the commission plan for a while already...
  4. Yes we are lowering our commissions by the amount the cbot dropped the exchange fees.

    Our policy is to pass on the savings when ever an exchange lowers fees.

    We just need our web developer to update the web site.

    If you trade with us you are getting the lower fees, if they are not reflected on the statement we will rebate them to you.
  5. Mark

    Do you also sponsor traders for CBOT membership (like you already do for CME membership) ?
  6. yes we can get you sponsored
  7. I'm not clear on getting sponsored to get a seat. Can you explain?

  8. Yes we can sponsor you.
  9. Mark, what is this sponsorship business about? Cheers! :)
  10. That is quite expensive per round turn. Are you a retail shop or prop at Velocity? NYC office?
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