Will US become a retirement paradise?

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  1. As for now almost any currency in the world costs 1.5-2 times more comparing to a dollar from 5 years ago
    If another doubling happens I think the US will become very popular retirement spot.

    Even now russians can exchange their small bachelor appartment in Moscow for a big house in any US metro area
    Small appartment in London probably might cost three houses in Brooklyn

    Soon we will be the cheapest country in the world if not now

    Although not sure how it will affect americans. Probably we won't be allowed for retirement and will be sent to defend democracy in Iraq
  2. Now that I have read about this on ET, Im thinking of fading the trend.
  3. "won't be allowed for retirement and will be sent to defend democracy in Iraq"

    lol good one. Orwellian war has no end.
  4. The way things are going they will reinstate the draft and raise the age limit to 75.

    We must defend democracy thru out the galaxy becuz they hates our freedom.
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    Doubt’s it. it’s not so easy to get visa for entry into US. Even harder to get extension for it. but real killer for those, who want to retire in US will be healthcare expenses. cost of one dental crown with all work included in US will cost you more than same job done in Russia, in top of the line dental clinic(equipped better than US dental office and russian doctor ,certified in US)with round trip tickets to Russia and back included :D
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    It is virtually impossible to get a permanent US visa so I doubt it.
  7. How about retirement in the Ukraine?

    I hear they are civilized.
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    LOL, that sounds like a good idea for the government. They could DRAFT the retirees and send them to Iraq. That would also relieve the pressure on the Social Security Fund which is likely to go broke anyway in the not-too-distant future.:p

  9. Good option, they are constructing a new condo project as we speak. It is called Chernobyl II. I think the first phase was terminated in the late 80's. Surely, worth a look if you are after that glow in the night phenomenon! :D :D :D
  10. Right now it is. But just wait until the US govt starts welcoming an inflow of hard currency (meaning non-USD) from foreign residents.
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