Will TWS allow me to login on 2 different computers @ the same time?

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  1. Will TWS allow me to login on 2 different computers @ the same time?

    I can't really find this on the website. Any help appreciated.
  2. no, the only way you could is to have two separate logins with a master/sub account setup. Then you can login to the master account from one computer and the sub account from a separate computer. However, these are treated like two separate accounts and the sub account needs to be funded.

    Otherwise, you cannot login to the same account with TWS on separate computers.
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    IB offers a second login to the same account. Check the account web pages.
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    You can log into the same account with different login id's. In account management, you can set up the second login and give it specific privileges (i.e. trade management, cash mangement, etc.). I do it with one locked to a set IP addy and one for when I need to access it away from home with limited account abilities enabled.
  5. oh ok, so you can do it with the same account as long as you have different login ids? I thought it had to be with a sub account also. good to know. thanks.

  6. thanks. Do you use the same security device for both?
  7. You can but I don't believe you are required to. My second login actually opted out of the token as it is restricted to the IP address of the dedicated server I rent for trading.

    One other note ... to correct a comment above ... you cannot log in to TWS using a sub-account (at least I can't maybe an IB rep here can confirm).
  8. Also note the second login will also need to subscribe to market data and be subject to the $10 fee (again I think ... never had under $30 in commissions in one month)
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    no. Don't need the security card for second log in. As for the data fee, you do not need to have seperate data subscription (never was required to sign up for second data subscription) but if there is a double or triple commission requirement based on number of logins it was never an issue as my commissions more than covered any minimums, for what it's worth.
  10. You can login to a separate TWS using a sub account. How else would you give authorized traders access to trade your account otherwise? I know this personally because I do it every day. It requires a second login id for the sub account. Also, you can have the second login id use the security token or not. By default it does not but you can assign it the same token you already use or a different one.
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