Will this market go parabolic?

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  1. Alot of anecdotal stories of traders sitting on their hands, shorting and having to cover time after time, and the retail mass still not in the market during this relentless climb higher.

    So what are the chances that this market goes parabolic?

    Like a momentum stock within a huge uptrend, there is often a blowoff top which can account for most of the gains in the entire move.
  2. Probably..
    i Have Dow at 11,055-11,300 as targets..
  3. That wouldn't be a parabolic move.
  4. Let's settle down. Wait until the end of QE, 8 days from now.
  5. I've been settled since last March. And there is always something to wait for. Wasn't it just quadruple witching just last Friday to wait for.

    I'm ready to go all in x4 and party like it's 1999.

  6. The near term is already parabolic, right? Look at the last 30 days closing prices. It is practically a straight line up.

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    The entire move off the bottom in March 2009 has been parabolic, stocks on average have gained hundreds and hundreds of percent there are also some stocks thousands and thousands of percent higher as well. How much more parabolic do you want to get. The small investor is not dumb enough to jump back into the market after seeing markets drop over 50% in 1-2 years, why jump in now when risk outweighs reward by an incredible margin, even if they do jump in as volume starts to move up any pullback will be met with extremely heavy selling. Again its been 1 year since the collapse, are people that dumb enough to jump in now after such a huge move, I could see if it were 5-10 years later but only 1 year.
  8. QE began last march when the up move began. The upmove may find going up a bit more challenging without QE. The real question is whether or not the government truly lets it expire, because they know damned well it's the only thing causing an upmove of this magnitude.
  9. Man, you saying this makes me think we are going to 15k
  10. None of what they are doing is causing any kind of real growth. All it does is cause the pricing of assets to become more and more divorced from reality
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