Will this FINALLY make MSFT worth investing in?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Unhommefou, Jun 5, 2009.

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    First off, I am not a shill for MS -- I am far from it.

    However, if they can actually pull this off...wow...

    Furthermore, since they have already begun adding more features to their gaming console, the Xbox 360, that allows you to watch Netflix, listen to Pandora.com, and eventually access Hulu.com and CBS.com (the PS3 can do the same features with the exception of Netflix), could future consoles from the likes of MS, Sony, and even Nintendo, cut into the profit margins of companies like Comcast and Time Warner?

    I mean, as of right now, because of Hulu and Torrents, I canceled my cable subscription (but not the internet). When systems of the future come out with these features, how much longer will it be until less techno-savvy people begin to do the same thing?


    video is from the original blog post found here:


  2. You are talking about a company that has never innovated anything or created anything original.

    Demos are just promotion. Demos of Vista made it look like the best operating system ever. It ended up being a joke & failure.
  3. Project Natal was not created by Microsoft. If was really created by this guy:

    Johnny Chung is known in the gaming world for his many videos where he hacked the Nintendo Wii, and turned it basically into a virtual reality machine by modifying the remote and system in weird and unique ways:


    He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction.

    When he finally got his Doctorate, he asked to work at Nintendo, and story goes is that he was turned down.

    Microsoft then snatched him up.

    By the way, the Natal is NOT an overgrown tech demo:



    If this were a MS production ONLY, then I would have passed it off (and Vista is not as bad as everyone keeps trying to say it is, although MS did screw up by offering 5 versions of the same program thereby confusing everyone).

    It is not.

    Just take a look at what this guy has done by looking at the links above, and you will see what I mean.
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    No, actually, it wasn't created by that guy either. The system is based on a company MSFT acquired awhile ago that has a revolutionary video camera device. It is able to capture the Z plane (if you remember basic math, the XY plane is two dimensional, the Z plane adds depth) and translate it on the fly to create a 3d image bitmap representation of the object in front of it.
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    What a nutsack family. Glad they don't live next to me.
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  7. Gentleman, as some of you may or may not know, this little idea applies to current hardware, all you need is the new eye response camera that is already on the market. It's hardly going to ramp up earnings as it doesn't require existing owners to buy a new console as one would logically presume. Carry on dividend investors, traders keep it moving =)
  8. Then expect Microsoft to screw it up as much as possible. That is generally what they do with acquired IP.

    Both Sony & MSFT are doing this, they had exhibits at E3. It's just standard progression in the video game world. It will be progressively implemented, not a big breakthrough revolution..

    Frankly, after seeing that retarded family demo, somehow I am turned off. Well that's not true, the MILF & daughter duo were a very nice selection.
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