Will this end well? (poll incoming)

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By 2012 you will be saying.

  1. 2012. hey its 2004 all over again. the bull is running, what depression?

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  2. 2012. tax those rich bastards. no biggie life goes on, I like my "free" healthcare

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  3. 2012. No Job, No Money, No Luck. Pass the soup brother.

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  4. 2012. No Job, No Money, No more bullshit. Pass the ammo brother.

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  1. lrm21


    - tax increases are coming to fund healthcare.

    - complete government control over your body.

    - Interest on the debt is going to crush us.

    - Nationalized healthcare is thievery on a grand scale. Everyone knows it. especially the way they want to do it.

    - CAP & Trade waiting in the wings. = more taxes, higher costs.

    - Bush Tax cuts expire this year and next. = Tax increase

    - Massive regulations inbound.

    - Not one move made by the government in the last 24 months to say. He we love capitalism. We love free markets. We love the small business.

    - Not a single politician has been punished for the crimes and fraud perpetuated by them over the last decade.

    - So 2012 whats it all look like.
  2. I really like your thread

    you made it funny, yet your poll writings show you are very wise :)
  3. I think sometime between now and 2012 we are going to have hyperinflation. At some point it will look like green shoots. Home values will rise, wages will rise(slower than everything else), and consumer goods will rise. A 200k home will be worth 500k by 2012 and a loaf of bread will cost 10 dollars. Then its going to be bad :p
  4. And your $100,000 IRA/401K will have declined to $40,000 in buying power.
  5. why aren't Americans protesting

    why aren't you organizing, what the F ??
  6. Because the majority of the people here are more concerned with the death of a pop star than the death of their nation.

    Too busy watching TMZ to pay attention to what matters.
  7. I swear to god this is like a bad movie

    I keep saying, it can't be, its like a movie where people are zombies
  8. Sheep will never fight back against the wolves.