Will This Beige Book Rally Sell Off?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by flipflopper, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. If Yes Bull Market is Dead.

    If No we see new all time highs.
  2. beige book isnt that important
  3. Yeah I know right like totally... who cares about what the fed thinks anyways.

    Who cares about inflation or interest rates. Lets just buy and hold and hide our head in the sand and think everything is bullish because trading is too hard. Then lets join a message board that has to do with trading (which I don't do) and post 2000 brain dead messages so mamma thinks I'm a big shot... yeah totally... right??
  4. Trading isn't hard..,if you generally enjoy losing money
  5. This from the guy who uses Jim Cramer for tips, has a 17" monitor, is clinging to a 10% gain(on paper) in GOOG like it's anything, and is worth a whopping $100k...but yeah, you're right. All those idiots on this site that make your net worth a few times over in income every year are so dumb! Luckily you don't have the expenses of living since living in a trailer park with your parents is cheap stuff, otherwise you'd be broke. :p
  6. Why the f do you post on this board????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  7. If trading is a surefire way to make money why did myminitrading announce he quit?
  8. Your logic is so sad.

    Are you one of those retarded's?
  9. Trading is a way to make increased gains over buy and hold investing for many. If you don't understand that there's really nothing you don't know. People trade because they feel they can make better than average returns.

    You made fairly average returns considering you bought some of the most surefire trendy stocks in an incredible bull market. That has nothing to do with what you'll return in a sideways market. Your crap 20% returns over the last 3 years will probably flatten out to 10% in the next 2 or 3 and you'll have $110k and have nothing to be proud of while guys who trade(yes, that's BUYING and SELLING) stocks will have made 5-10 times what you've made.

    There is inherent risk in anything turder. You have a rabbit's shit worth of money in these markets and you live with your parent's so your risk tolerance isn't even existent...but funds can't just buy $10B worth of AAPL and hope it's okay.

    You're too dense to realize that. You'll learn your lesson in the next few years and can reread this post when you're flipping burgers at you and your wifes(and cousin's) wedding since you won't be able to afford a real one.

  10. Flipfloozer what happened to the beigebook sell off? Hmmmm?
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