Will they please stop publishing great books!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by nitro, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. nitro


    I just spent another $100 on books.

    I am going to go broke if they keep publishing books I want to read :mad:

    Seriously, this is the golden age of the transfer of information of those that know and want to tell to those that don't know and want to know.

  2. Banjo


    Remember that scene in Superman when he sat in the crystal pods and absorbed all the knowledge, that would be excellent.
  3. da-net


    I have a small fortune tied up in books and training materials. When I started to think of the cost of the training courses on DVD etc. ...my first thought was there has to be a better (CHEAPER ) way...I subscribed to Investor Flix just recently and think it is going to be one of my better choices this year (of course the year is half over).:D
  4. nitro


    There is some pleasure in reading them though. The journey is as important as the destination.

    However, given the absolute explosion in information, I would not mind one of those machines :D

  5. nitro


    I have a few trading books. I find them almost all to be worthless and I haven't bought a trading book in two years. But you are right, most of the good ones are really expensive.

  6. maxpi


    Investor Flix is too cool. I lost a DVD somewhere and have not found it, they might have lost it for all I know and I also got a few DVD's that I could not play on any of two computers, or two TV's in the house and I still think they are too cool. I might get a second account with them so I can get 4 DVD's at a time.
  7. nitro


  8. How does a book you want to read qualify as a "great book" if you're yet to read it?

    And also the (maybe even greater) golden age of tranfer of knowledge from those that don't know, but can sound like they do, to those that don't know and want to know.

  9. Just what I was talking about. Really the golden age of influence.

    I like reading City Journal from time to time, and I usually agree with them, but they've got their own (incorrect) biases too, just as bad as liberals. (Okay, okay, maybe not that bad.)
  10. nitro


    A book that I have not read but want to read would be labeled a potentially great book.

    All statements excerts a point of view. Whether that statement implies deep knowledge is another matter, but in the end any work of art whether it is a book or something else is deemed great or not by it's impact on society. That may take many years.

    As a society we often only know if is great or not sometimes years after the book is written. Some books are instant classics and even though you may not have read it, if it comes highly recommended it has status as a great book. A book can also be great in my view even if I don't agree with a single word of it. For example, that is the way I feel about the Bible. Finally, some books are great even if a handfull of people read it and no one pays attention to it (you would then be in the minority :D )

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