Will They Manipulate The Open Tomorrow?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by riskfreetrading, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Usually thursdays are down. Today's rally is too fast. So in preparation for the start of dumping, could the OPEN be set high tomorrow, and then prices drift to a red close in anticipation of a down day on Thurday?

    I trade IWM. I will watch the open tomorrow. If they open it at 68.30 to 68.50, I will short it.

    What do you think? Check the charts for the line of higher high on daily chart.
  2. empee


    how is this risk free trading?
  3. They open trading at a high price "knowing" that the stock will fall to fill the gap because they have a peek on order flow.
  4. First, there is NO manipulation.

    Index futures are traded almost 24 hours a day, so the open is not set up/down.

    It could very well retrace a bit to the downside, before going higher anticipating the Fed meeting.
  5. Yes, higher, then lower; but not necessarily in that order.
  6. Thursdays are not always down. You must have just read some book on trading and think that the information is iron clad. You must trade the price action, not what happened in the past, or what usually happens.

    Secondly, you want to get short? Did you miss what happened today. There was an explosion of buying and short covering. Last week there were huge short positions which I think still haven't been fully unwound. This move could go for a couple weeks. A lot of hedge funds are caught short with their pants down.

    Don't get in front of freight trains, instead hop on board.
  7. Is reality beginning to again seep back into the overnight futures?

    Can Ben and Co keep coming up with these humdingers and somehow orchestrate an election year gain from the Stock Market, recovered losses from subprime mess for banks, soft landing for decline in business cycle AND a healthy emerging market - all at the tax payers expense?

    They say don't fight the Fed, but ultimately even the Fed has to dance to the tune of the Stock Market.


  8. Where do you even start with a statement like that? I would ask to see the data to support that one but I think we all can see how absurd that claim is. I am sure he makes a fortune trading stuff like that statement of course its risk free.
  9. Take your freaking "conspiracy" theories and do us all a favor and jump out the nearest window.

    Thank You.