Will they hire me?

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  1. lets just say that I make 8-15% a quarter for my portfolio, but I never been to Collage. Would any Wallstreet firm hire such an individual?
  2. not if you can't spell college. :D :cool:

  3. Look to be honest if you want to be a broker start by showing sales success in a different industry. If you want to manage money you are flat out kidding yourself, you will need at least an undergraduate degree and either a CFA or MBA.

  4. Why do so many people want to get jobs? If you can make 8% a quarter plus....strike out on your own, raise capital, and take control of your own destiny!
  5. Dont mak phun ov mi edukational bakground. :)
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    to be honest mate...education is the best investment you can make. If you want to be a fund manager in NYC for instance...you should have an MBA I am afraid.

    If you are like me and you want to work in the market for the rest of your life...start going to school at least part time. lots of people have good results, or SAY they have good results...this is the problem...lots of liars out there...so you have to rely on other things.
  7. I would like to take a finance class. Right now I am taking a MACRO-economics course. I like it because if I can understand the concepts, I'll understand how certain economic conditions will move to market and I'll have an edge over most.

    I took an Accounting course last summer. VERY dry subject, or maybe it was just my 150 yr old teacher.

    People say that Finance is 90% accounting... Is this true? AND what is best for understanding the markets?...economics or finance if you had to choose just one?

    - nathan
  8. Finance is a better road than accounting but Econ is really the best. Econ's fusion of science, math, and business will teaches a very rational way of reasoning problems. The tough thing is wait until you hit intermediate macro ( most schools weed-out class) you are gonna love it. Mine started out with twenty students and ended with eight.
  9. Be careful in this asumption. The statement you made makes sense in a logical and rational world, but in the world of trading that mostly doesnt exist. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that just because "xyz report was higher then expected", the market should go up when its selling off. If the markets were rational and logical the opportunites to make money would be few and far between. Don't try and impose your opinions on the market, instead listen to what the market is telling you. Just got to willing to listen. I personal know *when* reports will be announced ( eg crude oil inventor, FOMC minutes, etc), but I can care less what they actually entail. All I care is how the market reacts.
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