Will there ever be a regulated forex retail market?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Galatia, Dec 31, 2007.

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    Non-regulated ,OTC retail forex market seems to be tricky and non-fair for the small individuals from my point. I've heard FXMarketPlace but it's not for individuals. So here is my question, will there ever be a regulated forex retail market in the future? I mean an exchange or a comission regulated market where less capitalized individuals may also participate?
  2. Yes. It already exists. It's called the "See-Emm-Ee".
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    FxMarketplace will be for individuals as well once it gets some traction. At present, it is still more efficient to deal bank to bank (off exchange) for spot, which is why it is not regulated. Until then you have the futures.
  4. in my very limited understanding of the financial industry, probably many 'fxers' would want
    to retain privacy of their clients and transactions, as would clients

    most countries regulate retail fx brokers while international brokers need to also register in
    those other countries they wish to do business, Alpari and FXCM for instance
    in the US traders have access to both the NFA and CFTC to register complaints

    there's been several attempts by data companies/exchanges wanting to 'cash-in' on a world
    market product, all have failed because the major players have no interest in participating

    I don't know that 'less capitalized individuals' suffer in any way from how the retail fx market
    is currently run, and there's always the futures market for those that prefer exchanges
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    Good trading in '08,

  6. If you're talking about the Reuters/CME venture then its called FXMarketSpace. But am really looking forward to how this one will play out. I don't think it'll blow the current established players out of the water, but some old fashion competition for lil' old me (and my wallet) would never hurt, right? :cool: Do you have any experience with them already?
  7. :D
  8. FX Futures.

    How much is 'less capitalized' to you?
    Most FX futures control 100k, so you need at the very least 5k, preferably 10k to have a net leverage to manageable 20:1 (for 5k) and 10:1 (for 10k).

    Trading ANY financial instrument with 50:1, 100:1 or even more leverage is only for fools who lose money.