Will there even be a next?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by hapaboy, Apr 15, 2003.

  1. Lotsa talk about which country we're going to hit next. Various threads mention N. Korea, Syria, and Iran.

    N. Korea has toned down its rhetoric and suggested that it may be open to multilateral talks.

    Iran has significantly lowered its anti-US rhetoric.

    Syria is frantically denying it has allowed senior Iraqi leaders refuge.

    It strikes me as a little odd that if we were going to hit Syria or Iran in the near future that we'd be sending some of our aircraft carriers and troops back to the US mainland.

    Perhaps there is no regional "Master Plan," that Bush's plan was to take out one component of the Axis of Evil and then evaluate the results before taking any more military action. Perhaps he thought a victory in Iraq would result in the Arab and Iranian street toppling its oppressive regimes there, as was the case in Eastern Europe in the 90's.

    Your thoughts please along with your votes.
  2. Just caught the PBS show "Avoiding Armageddon" tonight. Discussion was on nuclear proliferation. Towards the end of the show, former Sec. of State Lawrence Eagleburger expressed that, in his opinion, Iraq was just the first of a few preemptive wars the US will have to undertake to even have a slim chance of avoiding being attacked with nukes.

    He sounded much more certain that we would hit N. Korea than Iran, although he did mention several times that Iran "may" be a possibility.

    Disconcertingly, he also mentioned that he believes the possibility of a nuclear weapon being detonated this century is many times higher than the possibility which existed at the worst times of the Cold War.