will there be Market wizards 4?

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    Will Jack Schwager write another Market wizards? I hope he can interview some HF wizards like Jim Simons, Jim Cramer and David Tepper.
  2. I hope he writes another book, though the last one wasn't as good as the first two.
  3. I doubt it. Jack Schwager, of course, has been busy running his own HF, Wizard Trading, for a number of years. So he's now the competition for many of his potential interview subjects. That's probably why he restricted himself to stocks in the 3rd book (and I agree on your characterization). Well, that and it just happened to come out in January 2001, while the tech bubble was still very much alive and well...
  4. The trouble with all the Schwager interviews is that while they are entertaining 'war stories.' they don't give alot of insight into how these people actually make trading decisions.
  5. so sad. please grow up.
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    jim cramer = market wizard :confused:

    jim cramer = snake oil.

    whatever next?

    jake bernstein, joe denappoli, toni turner, bloomberg tv journalists, areyoukidding, steve nisson, etc etc loads of other wankers who make their money in the media, NOT trading.
  7. Fred you nailed it.
  8. Anybody know how he is doing? I'm not sure why he thinks (or anybody else does) he's qualified to run a hedge fund. I'm sure he'd be good at raising money though.
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    I have been thinking of asking him to write the 4th book, but instead of interviewing big fish, he should do the book about online traders.

    Let's say 5-5 profitable traders of stocks, options, futures and Forex. That 20 interviews would have bigger impacts than the previous 3 books together, because most of the readers are small time traders and not hedgefund managers.
  10. Jack dropped his affiliation with Wizard Trading in 1/2001.
    He's doing similar work with a UK firm.

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