will there be in edge left in the markets in 5 years

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  1. Due to the fact that people can automate, they are not able to take their strategies and mass produce them 100 X or then again there really is no limit. Because of power and ability to take even single edge that presents itself in the market do you believe later on down the road say 5 years they'll be no edge left????
  2. One edge that wil never go away is Ballz.

  3. Have you... "automated" and "mass produced them 100x"?

    Obviously not...
    Because it's so f*cking complex and expensive to do...
    That most people lose money on algo trading...
    And the market impact is marginal.

    And a different, but related, example:

    In 2007... IB has rapidly moved into market making the exact stocks that I trade...
    And my IDEAL/SMART executions have gone from 3% to about 15%.

    And the end result?

    I'm doing more volume and making more money...
    Because IB has increased liquidity.
  4. there is very little edge, if any in the US equity markets now.

    edge remains in niche type situations, however.

  5. Tums


    I asked the same question 20 yrs ago.
  6. "Courage" itself is not an edge. Any fargin' idiot can dive into a position, average into the loss and "hang on for the longer term"... and get wiped out.
  7. god i think there is more opportunity that ever cause just look at all the JUNK methods out there..

    want to build a great system - just counter trade the well known methods and you have it. mb
  8. That means you have none.