Will the Winkelvii get Zucked again?

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    Will the Winkelvii get Zucked again? Libra could be seen as competition for Gemini, the cryptocurrency firm started by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who claimed Zuckerberg stole the idea for Facebook from them in college. On TV Sunday, Cameron W. said: “There’s so much pie to grow, I mean, at this point, we need to be frenemies.”
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    I tried to understand what this fb currency thing is all about and I still have zero comprehension why this is such news or why anyone would use real money to convert into fake money to buy goods and services, what is the point in this ??
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    Why does the western world and especially the US always think it is the center of attention? Have you even read the whitepaper and Zucks press releases??

    It's clearly stated that they target the emerging markets. 1.7 billion people worldwide do not have access to a bank account. It costs 6%+ on average to transfer money internationally. All you need is a smartphone and a FB account and Libra transactions are free.

    FB has 2.3 billion users. Citibank, one of the largest consumer banks in the world has only 200 million customers, Paypal has 280 million users, Western Union??...don't even mention them. If Zuck does that right, he dwarfs the biggest payment providers and Wallstreet in a single strike.

    Does it click?
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    "Thou shall not make a competing currency to the almighty petro dollar."
    (or the ruble)*

    That being said, I predicted 4-5 years ago that big retailers like Amazon and Walmart will come out with their own cryptos. Yeah Jeff, what is taking so long?

    *Russia has already banned the Libra.
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    Funny, I wrote almost the exact same thing on twitter a few days ago. :D

    Libra is likely to make $FB a monster's Monster! 2.6B installed customer base, maybe 6B TAM, and they're going apply the old American Express business model^2 into the digital age. BOOM!!!

    $FB will brush aside (or lobby, or whatever) any goofball US and/or Euro lawmaker where even if they understood the game they purport to regulate won't be an issue for $FB, ultimately.

    Given the failure of The Lightning Network on $BTC's Blockchain, they've ceded the "payments" narrative. And given $BTC's lack of any demonstrable business model other than being 'Gold Jr,'... $FB will likely come in and steal some large fraction of $BTC's "Store of Value," cheese too.

    And Zuck gets to hose the Winklevii yet again...especially after ~1800 #altcoins go up in flames too.

    $FB to the Moon! #Bigley!!

    Buy it, put it away, don't look at it...gift large to the kids or grandkids, alma mater...whatever.

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    When the U.S. is the world's largest oil producer...and China/Russia demands Oil sales settled in Yuan/Rubble...and OPEC is such a non-entity they couldn't get a card game together anymore...

    ...is there still such a thing as a "Petro-Dollar?"

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    Ask Saddam Hussein. Oh, wait...
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    Stable coins are all the rage, since they're easy to make sense of. Libra is the start. They will make one for Euro, HKD, AUD, CAD and all the other main currencies.
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