Will the US follow Canada's Interest rate hike?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Joab, Jun 2, 2007.

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    The loonie is on a rocketship to par.

    If Canada, little brother to the US is concerned about Inflation and wants to tighten money supply and raise Interest rates.... How far can the US be behind?

    I have to admit folks that I never bought into this Fed rate decrease that has spurred this last rally because the Fed came out 6 months ago and outright said were NOT going to reduce rates anytime soon.

    I don't know how so many people missed that statement but for whatever reason it was ignored and a rumor started to the contrary.

    Yes it caused me to miss the last 4 month rally to new highs but I rather be safe then sorry.

    Anyways, the bottomline is the US Fed is not going to reduce rates and if anything I would watch for a surprise in the next meeting.

  2. What remote reason can you come up with that there would be a surprise at the next meeting? The Fed funds strip is pricing in unchanged rates through year end. The core PCE just dipped to a 3-year low and the top of the Fed's acceptable range.

    Can't wait to hear your logic.
  3. Rate hike unlikely.

    Maybe in 2008 the Fed will LOWER rates.

    And, no, the US isn't like Canada; thanks god...:D

  4. The game is rigged to the upside, thats the way wallstreet works 90% of the time.

    Only when the data and earning show sighs of weakness and everyone is good and short will the tide turn, downturns are short in duration, but bill markets run and run and run.

    The quick gains do come on the short side as one can loose 3 months of gains in two days of panic selling.
  5. It is very unlikely there will be a rate hike in the states regardless of Canada
  6. This is the reason why 95% of all traders fail.
  7. What are you guys talking about?

    There was no interest rate hike; it was left as is (and is still a full percent lower than what it is in the US I believe)

    All they did was say they may raise rates to tighten up inflation later on.

    Yes, thank god. We have

    -Clean air

    -Minimal (comparatively) crime

    -Strengthening dollar

    -Arn't stacking millions of people in per square inch like in, e.g., Cali

    -Can walk down the block at 11pm without having to worry about being shot, stabbed, raped (and not necssarily in that order)

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    ummmm Hello

    : All southern Ontario is under a serious smog alert

    : Try walking down Jarvis at 11pm

    : Huge breakout of home invasions is sweeping the country

    and I'm not sure IF I need to watch my back from all the immigrant radical Muslims or pakistani's (no offense to the normal ones).

    Canada ain't what it use to be anymore .
  9. Keep it on topic Joab, what the source of your guess for a surprise at the next FOMC meeting?
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    ECB raises to 4%

    As they say in Jamaica mon, soon come.
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