Will the US Dollar Index go back to 115?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Optional, Feb 7, 2010.

Will the US Dollar Index go back to 115 by the year 2015?

  1. Yes, it will

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  2. No, it won't

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  1. Looking at the charts, and it's quite possible...
    Since a target without a time frame is useless, I will say by 2015...
    That would put the Euro back around 85 cents...

    A currency crisis, Europe collapsing, US equities and commodities collapsing, skying interest rates, could all bring about this scenario...

    What you think?
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    I don't know about 115 but I think it will go higher than many think. I am in a long term trade .... long gold hedged with long US dollar index.
    So far doing well, and should be a good trade for the upcoming decade if we encounter more exciting times.
  4. Only chance is if gov't spending drops markedly, tax revenues rise and the economy and unemployment stabilize and turn positive.
  5. what people need to understand about currencies is that there is no "floor" or "ceiling"..

    with a rumor of the EU breaking apart, imagine sovereign funds dumping "billions" of EUR for any other currency. EUR/USD at 0.2500 - 0.1000 or less is possible in panic sell off by factor of cross rates.

    look at the reciprocal of the current rate for USD/JPY 89.25.. JPY/USD = 0.0112 :D

    with that said.. I hope the dollar burns and crashes.. so the economics of JMK can finally be discredited.