will the UK storm Ecuador embassy?

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  1. Please do not move this to politics. The rule of law is one of the
    Most important economic factors and this just goes to show western countries have no desire what so ever in respecting it. Shamefull.
  2. They have no intention of storming the Embassy. The only hope the albino has is to hide in a diplomatic shipment to Ecuador.
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    I think all other countries should start ignoring the immunity when it comes to UK diplomats. This is completely absurd what they're contemplating to do.
    I knew the UK was a perverse police state but this...amazing.
    Assange is really fighting to reveal the truth to the people, the guy deserves support.
  4. but isn't the embassy sovereign territory ?
  5. Julian Assange is a hero. History will look back at now in 50 years and thank him for informing the public what a bunch of BS these bogus wars are. He should get the Nobel Prize, not fucking Obama.
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    It is, they will just brutally violate it. The law should only be followed when it benefits the ones in power, way of the world.
  7. Yes
  8. You are too funny and probably correct. :D
  9. The Brits should follow the example of the U.S.

    Just play loud obnoxious rock music 24 hours a day beamed at the embassy until they get the hint and shove the wanted criminal out the door.
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    Wanted criminal?
    This was the guy who actually revealed who the real criminals in the society are, they are the ones who you pay tax to.
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