will the S&P trade up to 960 early this week?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Jesse J., May 4, 2003.

  1. The week is to begin, let's get serious.

    Do you think, as I do, that the S&P will trade up to 950-960 early this week?
  2. The S/P above 900 is crazy - way too much 'wrong' out there to support this number. But, the 'masses' are always right!
  3. The S&P trades at 950. I've held firm on this prediction, and I've been rewarded!

    Good trading to all..

  4. i dont care care where it goes. i will extract 20 freaking points either way (daily avrg).. or both. makes no matter to me.
  5. You have been all over this move. I tip my hat to you. The players cannot ignore the data anymore. The next 30-60 days data are critical for this bull to continue. What I have noticed the past couple of months is that the monthly revisions of data are consistently worse. Are they consistently getting it wrong on purpose? My long-term objectives remain 400-500 handle in the S&P's and 135-136 in the T-Bonds.

    I turned out to be correct.

    Now I'm hoping that those who slammed me are men/women enough to acknowledge their mistake. I stuck my neck out here, and all I got was flack.

    This board should be much more gratious to correct prognosticators.

  7. Jesse:

    Sorry, but, I know I've been away from my 'screen' a bit this morning, but I've not seen 950 yet today? Did I miss something.

    Close is no cigar (except with Monica!).
  8. geez, when Barry Bonds blasts one, and it hits the top of the wall, and he runs for an inside the park homer, do you mock that for not clearing the fence as well?
  9. Jesse, I like your call, but, as to acccuracy, are you an analyst, a retail broker or a trader??
  10. toby


    Very much depends what I am going to do; if I short S&P now, definitely it will go higher and higher.....luck is always against me, whatever I do, the opposite outcome will come out!!!

    Anyone need my help to move the market higher; if so, I am going to short now. :D
    #10     May 12, 2003