Will the S&P hit 500 or 1000 first?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by wavel, Mar 4, 2009.

Will the S&P hit 500 or 1000 first?

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  1. Yes I'm feeling bullish now.

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  2. No I think the economy is still far to weak.

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  1. wavel


    Time for the next installment of stock market prediction!

    I predict ahead of time that the S&P 500 will hit 1000 first. :cool:
  2. tardes


    What are the basis behind your statement?

    If you are following Art Cashin St Patrick's day rally advise, where do you think the dow or S&P will go next? A thousand is just a round number, some people say that the dow will go to 7300 before falling again to new lows, while other people speak about an explosion rally, implying that the dow will go to 8000's plus
  3. The market has priced in the world is going to end. It's time to rattle the shorts.
  4. tardes


    Is that wishful thinking or based on your study of the charts?

    And how far do do you believe the market will be rattled before it drops again?
  5. kipster


    dow 6000 seems very possible

  6. Lucrum


    So you're long uh?
  7. tardes


    Long on the short term does not seem to be a bad idea as many cnbc commentators have been talking about 20% rallies. The question is how short will this rally be?
  8. Lucrum


    Ah of course the CNBC commentators.

    Now THAT'S a good reason to be long.

  9. There are no rallies in a bear market...just profit taking by shorts and stop runs.
  10. SPX to 780-800. Momentum could carry the index higher, say 850 or so, and then reality will set in again. On the way back down to 650, the doom and gloom crowd, who obviously suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder, will flood ET with "the world is ending" posts again. I can't wait.
    #10     Mar 4, 2009