Will the S&P hit 1300 in February?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by rubberbird, Feb 1, 2006.

Will the S&P top 1300 in February?

  1. Yes it will go higher than 1300

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  2. No, it won't top 1300, I agree with the bird

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  3. I don't know/I can't form opinions/the bird is a moron

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  1. goog has come back...S&P @ 1281 right now.
    February has long week-ends, and slower trading..is this a better month for the S&P to hit the magic 1300 level?

    I say no, the S&P will not see 1300 in February.
  2. is this the response of all the educated traders on this board?
  3. it's great to see constructive feedback here on ET.
  4. i would like to hear a dissenting opinion please..
  5. The SP is forming a triangle on the daily chart. Look for the breakout. Can't predict the direction of the breakout here.
  6. Difficult, or I should say useless, to give feedback on a prophecy. Why not Dow 40,000 or Nasdaq 5000, Dow 10,000 or whatever.
    Seriously, what do you base your call on?
  7. 100% up room to go!!

    lol I couldn't resist:p
  8. doublea


    It's hard to say after last few day's action. I'm still bearish but being very cautious. I was thinking about adding to my shorts today but in the first half hour there was no carry-over follow through to the down-side so I did not add to my short. It ended up being a good idea. Anyway, if we do not see a carryover buying tomorrow morning, I'll short some. I still beleive we will get to 1200 before 1300 but I have been wrong few times.
  9. how on earth can anyone be bearish in this mkt?
    mkt shook off big concerns with such resilience! The worse the news the better the reception and the more the inflation the merrier; can u imagine if a piece of good news come out what is going to happen?

    Earnings continue to be great, I don't understand on what u bears out there base your predictions.
  10. why is it always the "new members" who say this stuff?
    you just came to ET, and are using words "useless" and "prophecy"?!
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