Will the rise in the US dollar help?

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  1. Will the rise in the US dollar help dry up the inventory of all that stimulus printed money?
  2. i don't see why it would. it just means more people demand it. there is still the same quantity of dollars. the only argument is the dollars are not in the states.
  3. The dollar is not rising. The dollar is falling, its just falling slower than the other currencies now. If the dollar was rising,surely gold would've gone down today, but it shot up. We are about $20 or so from a new record high in gold.

    Every country in the world is going to crash. Last one (or last few) standing will be the best off as they have a last ditch chance to horde real goods before we all "reset" back to gold and silver.
  4. Do some research. You will see that money printed is not in circulation, that's why we have deflation so its nil effect, for now.

    And no it won't help it will hurt our export demand. Maybe a few more rollbacks at Wallmart.
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    What.. I must be missing something but everyone including Mr Genuis Krugman was signing the praises of weak dollar so we can grow exports.

    Now a strong dollar is good.

    Here is the truth, we are probably entering the next leg of the deflation credit collapse.

    If banks in Europe start failing, that will spillover no doubt. This bullshit that our banks are strong now, is a lie. They are still levered to the hilt holding garbage paper, that they don't have to mark.

    Mark to market doesn't matter, when all the depositors go for their cash.

    The FED has no bullets left to stop a defacto bank run like Sept 08.

    The market is now concentrated in the hands of a few players. Unlike 08 where there were many dominoes to collapse. There are now only 2-3 dominoes before everyone is knocking on Bernankes door asking for their fucking dollars.

    Do you see Timmy getting a blank check and calming the markets.Where the fuck was timmy at anyways today?

    At least HP was tall, I mean he had gravitas.

    Here is the irony, its now not the FED who needs to lead the charge and bail out the world. Nope our fucking future rest in the hand of that Frog Trichet. The fucking irony a Frenchman is now king of the world. That bitch moved the dow 1K,

    Crazy Fucking World. Sell your shit and head for the hills.
  6. I dont know if this is going to be another leg of deflation. Gold is going up, but its still too early to tell what exactly is happening. Of course as soon as everyone starts thinking the same thing is when the damage will start.

    Its hillarious that depositors go for their cash that is backed by nothing as if dollars are real money. Once everyone makes a bank run, the dollars will become worthless as the banks will fall apart. Then people that got dollars while the bank still had them will spend those dollars as fast as they can to buy stuff of real value which is what will cause hyperinflation.

    In my opinion of course.
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