Will the real Todd Harrison please stand up...

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  1. ...wow, I'm at the point I don't even read his stuff anymore. It ends up being a waste of a mouse click. The contributing columnists are google times more informative.

    Why doesn't he grow some cahonas and post his trades and posture. It's what he used to do, and it's what his original "clientele" was interested in.

    Educational website, yada, yada...Charge more for it, I'll pay.
  2. I forgot my password a few months ago when I cleared the cookies off of the pc. Never spent much time trying to figure out what the p-word was after that. I think that toddo was good in small doses, but he has taken on a gargantuan task. Its almost like being the host of a late night talk show, he has to try and find novel ways to describe the mundane. You are completely right though, if he were to actually post his positions and show his adjustments, it would be of some value. Otherwise, its just alot of non stop random thoughts...

  3. I don't subscribe to his site but I do know that Fund Managers walk a very fine line with their existing Fund clients and revealing too much information. He has amplified this by taking on the added burden and restrictions of running a market based website and doing it in such a public fashion,

    Sticky, sticky situation. It's very possible that ethically he's doing all he can

    That being said, I have seen his site and his writing talents are exceptional.

    Dr. Zhivodka
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    I agree with you Dr. Z. The subscribers pay $80 a year, and they should get the same access as clients paying 1 and 20? Not going to happen. Personally, I think the site is WELL worth it as is. Granted, Toddo's "feel" has been a little off recently, but he has acknowledged that, and even his mistakes have been helpful.

    Additionally, the new "Minyans" have been superb, and Todd has been making a concerted effort to improve it every week. Can't ask for much more than that. I recommend it to all of my clients, and use it extensively throughout the day, as is. Those that have been ignoring it, I humbly suggest giving it another whirl...
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    I gave up the service because it became too much of a time drain to wade through his animal tales [tails]. I found it rather insulting that he wants to waste my time. In that way he is similar to a frequent poster of long threads here, who if he ever says anything of value, it is so obscured by verbiage as to be unrecognizible.
  7. He may seem like he waffles abit on his daily market looks, but what else can a trader do when giving an honest opinion?

    I think his site is one of the best values on the web when it comes to getting insights into what a typical hedge fund looks at throughout the day. Obviously, if all you're looking for is someone to hold your hand and say "buy here; now sell here", this site is not for you (then again, trading your own account might not be your best bet either :)). But if you're one who likes to do your own thing and just wants to get a feel for what others might be thinking (whether they are on the same side of the market as you or not), this site is a steal. One thing is for sure, you won't get one of those one-shot gurus who adamantly leans on one side of a particular market until he either hits a home run or strikes out and disappears into obscurity.
  8. Well, early on in the website, he stated his posture nicely. Appendages in and out as he felt necessary which is what he used to do while writing the Trading Diary on realmoney.com. I'm guessing he took ALOT of heat for his posture and alot of "traders" taking the "advice" lost a bundle as they fought and suited as a bear on a good portion of the March rally as Todd did. He was 25% bearish at the March bottom and went up to 75% bearish as the market skyrocketed. And I don't ever recall him taking a long stance on the market since then besides his trading around a core bearish position. Since then, he's rather timid in his postings. So now he stresses it's an educational site. I'm not looking for day to day specifics like I'm his hedge fund client. But he could write like he did for realmoney.com back in his heyday. But he doesn't.

    I'm all for the charitable benefits of the site and agree that for the subscription price its worth the price but only because of the contributing writers now. And he's done nice work in being the foreman behind the construction of the site.

    All Todd does now is say how if 975 is penetrated then look at 950 as the next stop. And if you go long, you might want to put a stop at 1000. Yay...

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    There will never be a shortage of Gimmees looking for recipes, and nearly all gurus will disappoint. All that remains is whether the Gimmees will eventually take responsibility for their own trading or spend the rest of their trading lives looking for someone else to blame. Guess which one is the more likely.
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