Will the Obama bubble burst?

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  1. Cutten


    Since winning the election, the first thing he is seen to do is:

    Work to bail out a bloated, hopeless, loss-making corporation

    Second thing:

    Cancel a free trade agreement with a third world country (way to help the poor and disadvantaged, stop them making a living from exports!)

    Obama talked and charmed his way into the presidency. Now he will be judged not on his words but on the effects of his policies. The economy is by far the most important thing right now, and Obama is not exactly looking knowledgeable. Is it possible this guy simply has no clue what he is doing? Time will tell, but the early signs are hardly encouraging.
  2. People are easily fooled by fool's gold.
  3. Humpy


    It’s been rumoured that there is trouble in the Obama household. The soul brothers from the South wanted to celebrate his victory by painting the White House black and calling it the Black House. Ever the moderate B O decided there were votes to be won here but there had to be a compromise and decided to call it the Black & White House and paint it black and white.
    OK so far but Michelle wanted the upper floor to be black and the ground floor to be left white. B O still in his moderating role decides that this is offensive to some and to call a compromise the House would have to be black and white in VERTICAL stripes. That seemed to be that problem solved, when all of a sudden the native Americans sent a petition that the new color scheme didn’t represent them and they were there first after all. B O is getting pretty fed up by now, weeks have gone by and they are still arguing about the new look for the Black & White House while the economy is in deep trouble and getting worse. OK says he, the consumate politician, it’ll have a red stripe too and be known as the Black, White and Red House. Problem solved or was it ?
    There was a big petition from the Orientals insisting there should be a yellow stripe and another from the Hispanics for a brown stripe and on and on and they hadn’t even got to discussing the color scheme of the carpets, wall-paper etc.
    The White House battle looks set to continue, but Mr Obama and family have moved to California anyway. They are moving in with Wil Smith in Belair.
  4. Where will the humor come from. The late night talk shows by avoiding race have not been able to find a source of Obama humor.
    Of course they had no problem making fun of age with McCain.

    Will we hear this type of joke
    First act of Obama is to install a basketball court, whats next, a KFC outlet?

    Why won't they go with the race jokes...The black comics will ,just watch
  5. achilles28


    Lets see.

    Civilian Security Force

    Carbon Tax

    Anti 2nd Amendment.

    New War in Pakistan or Iran

    No repeal of Police State Legislation.

    More bailouts.

    Pro North American Union.

    Gag the 1st Amendment "Fairness Doctrine"

    Guaranteed Amnesty for Illegals.

    Plus, the "January Surprise" we've all been promised.

    Could go down worse then Bush.
  6. TGregg


    And that's just the first couple weeks. Then we have:

    Higher taxes

    Higher minimum Wage

    Huge Entitlement Programs

    Government Health care

    Peace talks with al qaeda
  7. achilles28


    Pretty much.

    Not sure Barack will shelf Emanuel Goldstein, tho

    His cabinet is stacked with Neocon Jew Globalists.

    Definitely more fireworks in store for the middle east!

    Rumor is the January surprise is either a US default or blockade of Iran.
  8. Weren't you the one saying that Obama was some kind of brilliant centrist a few weeks back? Nice to see you have finally read a newspaper.
  9. Ahem, sorry to interrupt the official Klan thread deliberations.
    Massive government spending is the only fucking way to jump start this economy,consumers are worn out, business is anxiously watching their sales plummet, and banks are hoarding cash. if you have any other ideas, then please enlighten us....or just shut the fuck up.

    Oh yeah Tax cuts, hmm, what can I do with a tax cut now ??? let me think about it, a third car, a 4th iphone, WHAT ??? High end prostitutes ?? I
  10. Cutten


    No. Check my posts about him, I've repeatedly described him as very left wing (by US standards), but ventured that his pragmatism may make him move more to the centre once he gets elected. I've repeatedly criticized his policies, and the only aspects I've really praised have been his oratorical skills, political charisma, and pragmatic political instincts.

    Remember, I went long Obama futures on Intrade when he was a serious underdog, and right on this message board I predicted his victory for a long time when most on ET were sceptical. I'm the guy with the record of being right about him, not you.

    Time will tell whether he goes hard left like FDR, or moderate like Clinton. I'm not a clairvoyant, I'm a trader and speculator, so I adjust my position in the light of newly emerging facts. What do you do - stick your head in the sand like an ostrich, and hope you are always right? Good luck with that.
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