Will the moron be president twice??

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  1. Vote!
  2. If he gets rid of Sadam and the bear market ends, he is a shoe in.
  3. Clinton already was. Oh, you mean Algore. Doesn't he have to win it the first time first? Or are you meaning Daschle? :)
  4. Surely not, he's an accident of history, but he and his warmongers may nuke the planet before the next election.
    God help us all.
  5. toby400


    How many Americans actually voted in the last election that let Dubya squeeze into the White House?

    Or did voter apathy let him in?

    The next election should be interesting to see if the voting turnout increases as people make a concerted effort to find a new, articulate and intelligent:D president.

    Good luck to you all.:)
  6. IMO, He can do whatever in the middle east and it won't help him in the next election. Got to go after the person that stabbed his daddy in the back.

    Dubya is the lucky recipient, like his daddy, of getting elected during a down economic cycle. Of course, he's an F'ing dipsh!t which doesn't help now that people on the fence have seen him in action.

    He's done......
  7. Please do not be TOO SURPRISED if the increased numbers vote him in without a doubt this time. Especially if the democratic party fields Algore again. Algore's support in the minority community right now ain't too promising. I get to listen to the conversations and I hope that there IS another choice.

    Here's the true sad point, the voting that will be done by most democrats will be AGAINST President Bush rather than FOR the democratic choice. That is how most of my associates and friends determine their voting day pulls. It is generally against the republican party verses knowing what the democratic party plans are and agreeing with them.

    There is an agenda at work. Most of my African American associates did not watch the President's speech. An alarming number didn't even know (today, days later) that the President had made a speech. One associate told me this morning he was, "Waiting to see the President's speech so he could make up his mind and tell his wife what they should do because she doesn't like to watch those types of things." I told him the speech was already made and he said, "You're crazy, he's the President and the major channels would carry that!" What a joke!

    Most of the folks that I associate with have no clue as to why the candidate they want deserves their efforts. When queried as to their reasoning it is usually based upon some historical posture instead of any real facts. Now I have no problem with factual decisions, it is just that most don't really have any. And that is sad! :)
  8. Algore is the lucky recipient (just like his daddy was lucky to be elected in his day) of getting elected to be Vice President during an up economic cycle. Of course, he's an F'ing dipsh!t which doesn't help now that people on the fence have seen him in action. He's done.........

    Some version of this can be said about most of the folks that we plan to send to Washington. And not just as presidential candidates/winners. Immediately the elected person becomes certified and official enough to serve on fiscal committees, oversee international liaisons, etc. Most of them are not qualified for the positions that they get appointed to.

    Remember, that's not what you sent them there for. You never knew that senator x would be on the arms committee did you? Would you have elected them if you had? Thoughts that should cross your mind as qualifications for the elected positions other than the president, hmm? :)
  9. Voter turnout will not increase - the politicians and those in power have no incentive to increase it. More voters means more campaigning, more convincing, more money, and less certainty. Same reason those in place try so hard to block and discredit third-party cantidates - they complicate things and are a threat. The only ones that would benefit from higher turnout and more cantidates are the voters, and they've shown conclusively that they don't give a damn.

    As for Bush - I like him personally, but I don't know if he's a prime example of undeserved wealth and power combined with voter apathy, or if he is an example of the greatness of the US - in that maybe the US is so strong that electing a guy that is blatantly unqualified doesn't even matter...
  10. I'm through with voting. It is clear to me that this nation is run by the state of Florida. There is a serious problem with things when I know more counties in Florida than I do in my home state.
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