Will the market plunge if (or when) Obama gets elected as Dem candidate?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by crgarcia, May 7, 2008.

  1. Please don't get into politic disputes in this post. Most media never says that the market rallied/plunged because of political reasons (to avoid getting sued).

    Obama has stated he will rise taxes to incredible levels, and will withdraw troops from Iraq.

    So if (or when) he gets Dem nomination, be ready to buy some puts?
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    Its already priced in ......
  3. No you should buy some food and gas instead!
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  5. If he gets the nomination does that mean his plans go into effect right away. I thought he had to get elected first.
  6. Of course, but the market usually panics on no real reasons.
    At least temporatily.
  7. He seems to have the Jewish community up in arms.
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    the market will go up. obama is bought and paid for by wall street. where do u think his campaign funds came from.

    what significance is it that the jewish community is up in arms. by election time they could be chummy. their liberal instincts guilt etc. will overcome any hesitation as long as there is a Pro Israel congress.
  9. The jewish community is self loathing enough to consistantly vote democrat, so what makes you believe their support will waiver for Obama in November? Additionally, Clinton is hailed as a hero despite the fact that YASIR ARAFAT, the Godfather of modern Islamic Terrorism, frequented the Whitehouse more often than any other world leader during the Clinton years.
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