Will the market crash on Monday?

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  1. I am by far not the greatest trader, but I looked at so many stocks and indexes just now...i feel as if the market is brushing up against trend lines and its just around the corner. Certainly the economy with so much unemployment and company write-offs cant support this...
  2. After extensive research on the aforementioned topic here is the result of my analysis.

  3. People outside of the market, who invest through their
    company 401k usually re-enter the market after it has
    made substantial up moves. After several good weeks
    in a row along with news like we have reached the bottom,
    the Monday or Tuesday after will see an extension
    of the rally due to new money. Also, they are not in till
    4pm of the day they commit.:)
  4. Open 1320 on Monday ? ROTFLMAO

  5. READ THIS TECHNICAL ANALYSIS FROM S&P MARKETSCOPE and please donot short your account into oblivion:

    "Four straight days of gains pushed all three major indexes significantly higher this week. The DJIA gained 4.25% for the week. The S&P 500 rose 4.31% while a strong performance of the tech stocks sent the NASDAQ up 4.92% for the week.

    Upside momentum is strong as we close out the week. The market internals (advance/decline line, new highs/new lows) improved throughout the week. The upside breakout of the DJIA confirmed the breakout of the DJ transportation index nearly a month ago which signals the turn of the intermediate trend to bullish based on Dow Theory. Both the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ are not far from their respective February highs and with the strength in the market, their breakouts look imminent."

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  7. "The market has reached a worm hole". bwaahahaa!!!

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  9. See, the problem here is that prediction based bias will immediately fry those who are wrong, and fry those who are correct later. ~ JMHO of course.

    The real profit happens when one learns what to do when they are wrong.

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  10. I think were gonna pull down gradually , but not a crash
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