Will the Govt Keep the Market Up?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by hotdogneedsbuns, Oct 28, 2009.

Will the govt attempt to keep the stock market up if it drops below key support?

  1. An attempt will be made

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  2. An attempt will not be made

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  3. The market isn't going to tank

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  1. If the market tanks, I'm curious to see what et'ers think about whether or not the govt has any ammo left to keep the market up. I myself think the admin's credibility is shot.
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    Haven't seen a PPT (plunge protection team) post for a while. I'm sure they will coming again soon. :D
  3. Are you aware that the US savings rate is a healthy 7 % pa. in the last couple of month ? That's a very healthy development. Besides, the US is not THE ONLY market worldwide.

    Can you imagine that McDonalds, Caterpillar, Du Pont & Co. are generating more than 50 % of their revenue outside of the US ? Expect further profit growth !

    Financials may be a laggard - but only "may" be...

    In short : no need for government intervention anymore...
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    the whole world is printing currency along with us which diminishes their currrency,hence diminishing the saturation of ours,so i think they have plenty of room to print more