Will the Dow Reach 30000 by 2015?

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  1. afto


    12000 coming up sometime this year, maybe 15000 or above by 2011.
    My opinion based solely on one observation, namely that there is a sh*tload of cash on the sidelines still looking for a faithful mistress and the longer the market goes up the prettier she looks.
  2. a cheap, scanned-in paper prediction for it to nearly triple.

    Nothing like reliable sources :D
  3. S2007S


    Just make it dow 107,745.

    I mean at the rate these markets are climbing this year the dow should easily tack on 50%, I mean the fed is going to keep the stimulus in place to grow the next big bubble. Risk free money making opportunities, you can thank bubble ben bernanke.
  4. pitz


    Houses were able to get to a price level where their price only made sense if you assumed interest rates were going to be 2% for the rest of eternity.

    So if the Dow has a P/E of roughly 20, and that P/E needs to expand to 50... You're looking at a price of at least 30,000 in the next few years.

    I personally don't think earnings are going to come back for many US companies though. The US is done. Any growth will be in the Emerging markets, BRIC, or heck, even Canada for that matter. Anywhere but the USA.
  5. Why not?

    Zimbabwe stock market soared 12,000% in one year recently... but of course it takes $20 Trillion $ZIM to buy a bar of soap.
  6. Dear S2007S;

    I've posted this statement and question to you twice now (this makes 3) and even sent it to you as a "Private Message" and I'm still waiting for ANY kind of ANSWER.
    So here it goes again;
    I agree that Bernanke is a Bubble-Head and we COULD do a Whole Lot BETTER!
    So WHO do YOU suppose OBAMA might NOMINATE that YOU think WOULD be an IMPROVEMENT?
    Does anybody have an answer?
  7. So where is this Sh*t-Load of cash you're talking about? The Treasury Secretary signs every bill printed (look at the Front Lower Right Corner).
    Have a good look at all the bills you can find, 100s, 1,000s whatever!
    Can you find Timmy's autograph on any of them?
    I've been looking since last May, Clue me in!
  8. Those bills have a note on them somewhere i'm sure

  9. That is a good question ... 30K by 2015

    IF ... and I seriously doubt it ... it continues to climb upward and hang over the dark unsupported precipice ... I see a possible 15,600 by 2011.5 ... then I see a harsh drop to 2600-3400 ... after that ... maybe ... just maybe an adjusted 9K market by 2024-2030

    Demographics still are the support leg of the GDP, hence establish growth or limitation of an economy. Even with bubble economics.
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