Will the borders be flooded?

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  1. With such a disproportionate death toll in Mexico vs. the US from swine flu, will infected Mexicans make a run for the border to get treatment in the US? If I was Mexican and was infected or had a family member infected, I would certainly consider it.
  2. There is a serious discussion among medical academics as to whether there is genetic component to the H1N1 virus which makes hispanics more vulnerable to worse case outcomes than other racial groups.

    Of course, one other possibility (of many) is that the virus has been brewing far longer in Mexico than anyone previously realized, has mutated significantly recently, and only those living in Mexico, for the most part, have been infected with the most potent strain of the newly adapted virus - this would be very bad news for the world.
  3. The other explanation is Obama is hiding the extent of the problem for PR purposes.

    Straight out of his commie handbook. See no evil, speak no evil.
  4. If you're going to say idiotic things, try to at least be original, rather than parroting Sean Hannibal or Rush Limberger.
  5. this virus is only killing mexicans now

    it was released by mexican govt to kill those druggies
  6. Make sure you give me updates on Hannibal and limbomb since you seem to be the only one who listens to them