will that crossing international border, can it be done?

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  1. i have eliminated my debt including student loan after years of struggle. Last few years, managed to save quite a lot!
    Now I have one daughter and several siblings. My daughter and me lives in US but both brother and nieces and nephews, which I still care a lot and have deep connection even after living separately years.

    I am considering a will that majority of them goes to my daughter after she reached 18 if somehow i die prematurely. I also would like some percentage go to my nieces, and nephews, and my brothers. My brother is specially in dire condition as his living abroad in his home country is far below the US living standard and 2 kids. I was never be able to bring my brother to US.

    Now that is where the complication. Some of aforementioned people, who never entered US in their lifetime has no SSN and no other US-based ID-s i.e. state driver license, nothing.

    If I want to create a live, how can I do for them? If i just die tomorrow (knock, knock), even there is some mechanism to distribute wealth to abroad, they can not come to US due to visa restrictions.

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    talk to an estate lawyer... this sounds straight forward, distribution should have nothing to do with visa status or residence country.
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  4. Simple. Hire a lawyer to write up a will that needs to then be notarized (most lawyers who are in this line of business have a notary in public license). The will can include any natural person on earth without any American identification papers or ids. This is for the will. The will in no way has any bearing on your relatives' prospects to ever enter or settle in the US. There is simply no relationship between the two.

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    You might want to consider giving to your brother now instead of waiting until you die. Years from now, after his kids have grown, he might not be in as dire need as he is today.
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  6. Well, it is a will, secondly I do wire certain part of my income. So it is generally being taken care off now too.
  7. ok that is relief. Then how US based savings can be distributed to overseas person. How would sublings will identify themselves? Foreign passport, finger print? Hell thye havent been to US, so not even fingerprint in record. Wire to overseas? i would not rely to much on that. hmm.
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    I'm sure in today's social media you can get your hands on photographs and such. Also, I'm sure they have identification info, SSN numbers in the country they reside in...info you can easily get from your brother.

    Make copies of the info he sends to you and put the info with the distribution instructions in your will...a will that you'll need to update annually and every few years probate your will.

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    sending money overseas is no big deal... if they have a bank account then wire or a check can work.... otherwise you will have to look at those money transfer services like western union but fees can be very high.
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    Wills are recognized everywhere around the world as long as they are well-made and whoever execute(s) your will is(are) honest and execute(s) your will according to exactly what you wrote in the will and go(es) through the efforts to make sure the funds in your estate mentioned in the will reaches all of the right beneficiaries. If your beneficiary needs to come to America to inherit part of your will, VISA or no VISA, SSN or no SSN, they will come to USA to get their inheritance. Even if they absolutely cannot, the money from your estate can always be sent to them (that's what those Nigerian Prince scams used as a bait for their scams) as long as the executor(s) has(ve) his/her(their) heart(s) in the right place and do the right thing. Everything will depend on the executors. That's what you need to worry about the most and make sure you make the right choice cuz once you are gone, there will be no one to oversee the executor(s) of the will to make sure he/she(they) are doing the right thing unless you distribute a copy of your will to all of your beneficiaries before you die so everybody knows what to expect from your estate and be able to hold the executor(s) accountable.
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