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  1. Hi everyone,

    I know traders are usually skeptical about other traders’ performance.

    However, I am confident that I’ve reached a level of consistency in my trading that is quite rare by many standards. I want to pass on this knowledge to others.

    Unfortunately, I have very little time for teaching per se, because I do want to focus on my trading.

    I will, therefore, disclose my proven methods to a small, carefully selected group of students. The primary focus will be on teaching consistent performance. This means the courses will be expensive, but, based on my experience, I can only say that a top notch skill set requires a lot of hard work.

    I attach some equity curves from my trading.

  2. equity curve #3
  3. Sushi


    will you be funding the students? If not why not? Doug Allen funds his students
  4. Sushi


    Terrible equity curve. Looks like random entries. No wonder you don't fund your students
  5. Well, well, well....

    The truth of your visits finally comes out.

    Attn: I will teach anyone who wants to be consistently profitable in any market.


    Damned Spammers

    :mad: :mad: :mad:
  6. Did I miss something?
    It looks like they are negative amounts to me,.....
    I'm no magician, and really new back on the scene, but even I can pull a solid 10% a month,.......please advise, I'm always interested in learning new things and I am willing to pay for a good product.
    Cheers, Steve
  7. those equity curves suck. no offense.
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