Will Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle kick Harry Reid's ass in Nevada...

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Will Angle beat Reid for the NV seat

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  1. Simple question, who do you think will win.. Reid is clearly vulnerable and Obama is showing up to beg for Reid votes. Just wondered what the consensus here was. Rand Paul, now Angle many of the free spots are quickly being filled by Tea Party candidates. Seems as if they are Tea Bagging the shit out of the left as of late... But what do you guys think will happen in NV
  2. Reid is sort of a benign kook who has statewide appeal and name recognition and made a ton of powerful friends when he was on the board of State Gaming. OTOH Sharron Angle is a full blown kook who's power base is Reno-Sparks. So when push comes to shove Reid will attack her Scientology past, her desire to ban Social Security and Alcohol and her Chickens-for-Checkups notions. And he will get all the money he needs to do it.

    I don't think she has a chance even against a weak tit like Reid.

    But of course still think Rand Paul will be defeated in KY
  3. I think you're on target with the Reid race. Even George Will, inferred the other day, Reid will get the vote out.

    I see Kentucky as different. Paul is a by far better candidate than Angle-she's just a nut-whereas Paul is a smart guy, but one who still thinks Barry Goldwater is the conscious of the GOP. And we know what happened to Goldwater. But that was nationally and not in recession ravaged, 2010, Kentucky. And let's face it. Strip away Reid's Hispanic support, iow's return Nevada to it's pre-1990 demographic, and he'd probably be a loser too, this year. In big turnout elections, the browning of the Southwest, gives leftist candidates a newly coined edge. However, absent that big minority turnout-and historically they're apathetic about actually casting votes-then Republicans can squeak in. I see the left as too disillusioned and splintered to make much of an effort to zealously hit the election booths this November.

  4. I feel like Rand Paul has a great chance for victory, however I'm torn on Angle. I really don't much care for her and don't understand the tea party's support. Many of her positions are very anti-libertarian. I feel as though she's sort of used the tea party momentum despite the fact that her positions don't really identify with the movement. She's far more of a hard line far right-er than a Libertarian. That being said, I'd rather have her in simply in order to remove a cronie old school dem fixture.

    I'd support Angle for many of the same reasons that people voted for Obama...

  5. Doesn't Ayn Rand Paul think chasing BP is un-American?
  6. What do you mean by "chasing BP" Gabby

  7. Randall Paul is kind of nut just like his dad. Though I tend to lean libertarian i just cringe when I hear those guys speak. But that doesn't mean he can't be elected in a place like KY. Though he's facing a very popular and telegenic State AG.

  8. I think his position on BP and his "board certification" qualifies him for full kookhood, with all the honors, rights and privileges pertaining thereto.

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