Will TD ameritrade offer futures, forex post ThinkorSwim acquisition?

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  1. I would really be delighted if they did. That would enable me to consolidate my accounts and go back to my first one and most favorite one.
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  3. I'm very suprised they don't. I'm sure they will. I'm sure they will keep the TOS platform for current users and offer it to all TDAmeritrade customers. Happy to hear you have been satisfied with them as your broker. (mine is currently TOS) who is their clearing firm?
  4. There going forward plan IS TO OFFER futures, but it is taking a bit longer than they previous thought to set up. :)

    BTW, TDAmeritrade already has Ninjatrader platform in place.
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    FWIW, I spoke with a TD Ameritrade rep the other day, and he said that they were hoping to officially add forex trading in early 2010.
  6. Pretty strange: Currently they offer quote data only for stocks and options - no futures!

    Not quite professional.
  7. I think TOS platform is the best out there ,
    margin is little high which I use.
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    Have they communicated to TOS clients how they will be affected by the sale?
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    They will but it will take some time to get there reps trained for support.
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    TDAmeritrade account rep told me maybe early part of 2010 for futures. The hold up is probably the back office and clearing of the futures setup. If TDA is trying to setup in-house clearing of futures it may take several months.
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