Will stocks ever trade 24/7?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by drukes1234, May 10, 2006.

  1. Do any of you think stocks will ever trade around the clock like the forex, globex etc?

    I'm just thinking this because it would kill any trader that made their living trading gaps.
  2. yes, imo they will

    they kind of already do in regards to ADR's etc.

    i think they will eventually trade round the clock tho just like globex, etc.
  3. So do you think this will eliminate those who trade based on gaps?
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    People have been saying they will forever...imo, they will not.
  5. that kind of depends

    right now, gaps are my single most profitable trade setup (i trade YM intraday). and the gaps have their power because globex runs 24 hrs and stocks don't. the dynamic WILL be changed *if* underlying stocks trade the same timeframes as the futures.

    but there will still be gaps, it's just the dynamic will change to some extent
  6. So then what about the London Stock Exchange, Singapore Exchange, and Tokyo Exchanges?

    Would NYSE and NASDAQ just be 24/7 and other countries be sticiking to their own ways?

    Just confused as to how this would work...

    Don't know if it would be good for creating competition and driving down prices for trading.

    If you want 24 hour trading, isn't why there are Futures and Forex?

    I like equities the way they are now, and I don't know why anyone would even suggest something like this, I think. For some reason, not really sure, I think institutions would love this though, and I think it would hurt average day-traders.

    But with everything changing... it probably will happen in the future.
  7. As long as there is an open (whatever time it may be) when there is a surge of volume, thus really starting the regular trading session, gap traders will be fine. Can anyone see a scenario where there isn't some sort of surge in volume at a given time when the market really starts to get going?
  8. Wouldn't big institutions take advantage of overnight trading though? Be able to manipulate things and get all their dirty work done afterhours? I don't know how it all really works, i've never held a trade overnight, but it seems like bigger traders will benefit... and....

    well I don't know, just really guessing at this point. I just like the way it is, I'd hate for volatility to go down in the big stocks.

    Just seems like it will turn into Forex, except with a lot more options.

    I'd rather have the uptick rule to short gone instead :p
  9. I completely agree -- I'd hate to see stocks trade 24 hours and I really see absolutely no reason for them to do so. Volatility is low enough as it is -- let's just keep things the way they are so I can sleep at night and not think in the back of my head I may be missing an opportunity.
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