Will someone please put a cork in this whiny bitch?

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  1. WASHINGTON — Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says CBS News anchor Katie Couric and comic actress Tina Fey have been "exploiting" her.

    Palin also is questioning whether Caroline Kennedy is getting better treatment from the news media in her quest for a Senate seat than Palin herself received as Republican John McCain's running mate.

    Palin reflected on her campaign for national office in an interview this week with conservative radio talk-show host and filmmaker John Ziegler. Clips are posted on YouTube.

    Palin gave Couric a rare interview at the beginning of her campaign, and Fey frequently impersonated Palin on "Saturday Night Live."

    Palin says she thinks there may be a "class issue" involved in the press coverage of Kennedy and her own bid for office.
  2. I never noticed before, but she has HUGE friggen earlobes.

    I think they were taped or glued back during the campaign.

    I wonder what else was altered.
  3. Kennedy can't even mutter a sentence without sounding like some washed up hip hopper..."ya know, I mean ya know, it's like"... No wonder her law career went no where.

    And if you want to start a debate on the looks of these two, there is no debate. Unless of course you favor liberal Star Wars creatures.
  4. I haven't heard anything Kennedy has had to say really.

    She may be just as dumb or *gasp* dumber than Palin (if that's possible).

    Sarah Palin: The Future of the GOP. who ran as VP nominee, and helped sink John McCain's odds; a woman and candidate who became a caricature in stupidity, rightfully so, in the eyes of the American Public; the female counter-part to an under-read and under-intellectually curious George W. Bush.

    Maybe Kennedy is as horridly stupid. Time and her own words will tell.
  5. Sarah Palin is used to trying to be honest. The press demands something more than that. Some of those things they did to her were sickening like the question "what do you think of the Bush Doctrine?". There isn't any single Bush Doctrine. So it was a vacuous question with no proper answer. They made her look stupid even though her response was "what do you mean, his world view?" was intelligent. She needs to learn to take advantage of bastards like that and just spout bullshit like all the other politicians do. If she viewed the press as the wicked little trolls that they are she could walk all over them. I don't know if she can grow up as a politician, it's like she is an administrator that hasn't really stepped into the leadership role...
  6. rather put my cork in ann coulter :D
  7. You mean Ann the Transvestite?
  8. Agreed 100%.
    Kennedy is so out of touch and dumber than dumb. She wasn't even aware of how few times she voted in NY since 1988 when she gave her interview recently.

    The lights are on, but nobody's at home with her.
  9. she's no tranny! she is skinny, HOT and all woman! all that and brains too!
  10. "Fractals" we don't agree much in this Forum but you hit the nail on the head with Palin in so far as the Bush Doctrine is concerned; of which there were roughly 4. No doubt about it, it was a "trap" question for sure.

    That having been said, Palin's initial interview with Couric was a disaster.

    Her comments showed a complete lack of knowledge about Supreme Court decisions ( even though the Exxon -Valdez award was "scrapped" in June of last year by the High Court right out of her home state of which she is governor of all things! ) and her inability to mention any magazines or newspapers that she reads on a regular basis was . . . well, it was practically incomprehensible.

    For some reason, Palin was able to comment on the High Court's reduction of punitive damages ( from $2.5 Billion down to $507 million ) back in late June, but was unable to mention this decision to Katie Couric when Couric asked her what Supreme Court decisions did she disagree with.

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