Will Someone Fund Me? Transition to Live Trading

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    Funding for my live trading is on the way so I havn't decided if I will keep this journal up or not but figured I would start today and see where it goes.

    Timestamp 8:34 shorting 74.5 on a stop, stop will be 77.5 targeting 69.75.
  2. Should specify this is ES, most of my trading will be done on ES with occasional trades on NQ and YM when opportunity is lacking on ES.
  3. Closed -.25 didn't see a level I had drawn. May still work just against rules will wait for later trades.
  4. Shorting 77.25 stop 81 limit order

    Targeting around 69
  5. Scalping long NQ 33.25 stop 30.5. If stopped on ES, reentering @ 82.5 with similar sized stop.

    EDIT: Long NQ 33.5 stop 30.5 Target @ 39.5

    Stopped NQ, targetting 72 on ES
  6. Taking it early @ 2.5 out
  7. Might be a short up at 1819 NQ waiting for more bars....

    EDIT: Limit in to short 18.75 stop 22.25 target 10.75
  8. LONG YM 84 5 pt stop 10 pt target

    Stopped ... looks to be one point too tight, havnt traded full time in a while due to work and working on tradeplan. Daytrading requires full concentration especially when I trade with tight stops as I do on small timeframes. Making a mental note of this for future days.

    EDIT: Reducing NQ stop to 21 raising target a bit to 11.75
  9. 1 minute PA looking bearish might not get to me
  10. Cancelled limit short PA invalidating.

    LLs probably incoming on 15 minute chart on NQ and shoulder looking like will fail on ES and YM. We shall see....
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