Will SLV touch $10 or $60 First

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Will SLV touch $10 or $60 first?

  1. $10

    16 vote(s)
  2. $60

    49 vote(s)
  1. Silver must be the prime trading vehicle for traders for at least a month. If you have not traded it, I suggest that you start looking into it to see if you could trade it within the framework of your trading methods. State your outlook, suggest trades, etc. and be prepared to defend your position because ET is a tough crowd. :)

    This thread is for serious discussion about Silver. Please keep it on topic so that not to temp Mods to trash it.

    SLV ~$35 right now. The targets in the poll are $25 away.
  2. $25 or New High.......this is more appropriate.
  3. 1) 1-1? :confused:
    2) ?....I voted $10. You must have voted $60 :cool:
  4. my thinking is that we will bounce around the current level for some time. can't decide between $10 and $60 yet.
  5. Flip a (silver) coin and decide. :mad:
  6. and just what would make you think that shortie please explain yourself or is it just a feeling?
  7. yes, i have done my analysis in the last few weeks. here is an example of the type of trades i am doing based on my analysis.

    notice that this is a trade that can be discussed as opposed to some holy grail that may or may not exist :)

  8. what ask a bunch of other people advice about what should i do - well if you had done this - yea shortie if you would have done that should have could have would have yea your a trader shortie.
  9. I am trying to learn as much as I can about silver but don't really have much time.

    Silver is fascinating to say the least. It stages those monster rallies periodically with >50% gains over a couple of months. Right now I can't figure out why this keeps happening except the Hunt brothers case where the market was cornered. Did not Buffett corner Silver at one point as well?

    There are appears to be mainly two types of silver folks:
    group1 believes that the sky is the limit and there is no real reason to ever sell silver,
    group2 believes that Silver is usually overvalued because there is no fundamental reasons for it to run up sky high.

    I don't think there are many people in between.

    historically, both groups can claim success and failure depending on the historical interval.
  10. sirmagic


    Still lots of bullish silver traders so I think it will go down.
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