Will series 7 greatly improve my chances of getting hired?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by browncoat, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. I've got a crappy gpa from a crappy school. I've got no experience in trading, but I want to be a trader. Will getting a series 7 help?

  2. pspr


    No. Series 7 is to become a stock broker. In otherwords a securities salesman. Besides, you need a broker/dealer to hire you before you can even take the test.
  3. NazSpaz


    I disagree, I think if you go to one of the many prop firms that will let you get a 7 through them, then hit the job mkt with that on your resume that will help. Would try and stay on the books at a prop for 4-5 mos, even if you don't trade, just as a resume builder and to explain why you got the 7.

    If you want to get on at a big brokerage I think cutting out that expense / headache for them will help you in the interview. Nothing worse for a big firm like a Merrill or Goldman than when they hire a guy who later fails his 7, I think pass it with flying colors and you are in better shape than going to any interview with nothing like everyone else.
  4. BoSoxFan


    It won't really help. What you really need is the money, ie up-front equity, you need to put up when joining a prop-firm.

    Any prop firm will sponsor you as long as you have the money.
  5. NYC212


    most prop firms work for you, you pay the fees, commissions, to them.

    some firms require a series 7 before you can trade. in order to get a series 7 you need to get sponsored to take the test. you just complete a u4, finger prints etc

    spend sometime studying, it isnt a hard test but just very time consuming.

    no, it prolly will not help you get a prop firm job. having up front capital is pretty much all you need to trade prop