Will "sender" still copy trades to "receiver" from mobile phone

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by bjt, Jul 31, 2020.

  1. bjt


    I'm getting ready to purchase a trade copy software for mt4 but before I do I want to know after I set this up on home computer will the trades still copy from my mobile phone?
  2. Daniel.a


    The question is not possible to understand. However its not my business, but copy someone elses trades (no matter who it is) is not a great way to start trading and will most likely lead to you loosing your money. The trading business you are starting is not repeatable and has no value.
  3. bjt


    I'm assuming because this website is anonymous and not really moderated you guys are always looking to start shit instead of just answering the question if you know the answer or keeping quiet if you don't but let me clarify. I am the trader which means I will be the sender. Question is will I have to carry around a computer all day to send trades or will it work if I trade the main account, sender account, from my phone.I know this is really a question for the software maker/seller but the two packages I looked at did not answer this question so I am asking it here for someone who may be using a copier software already. Thanks
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    Here is an example (not an endorsement).

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  6. Turveyd


    The Copy Trade should be server side, so you won't need a device like MT4 running on a PC full time ( never used so not 100% )

    The Copy Trade might be an actual trader that's after some extra cash, tricky finding a good 1, but much easier than learning to trade :)
  7. Daniel.a


    Not really sure what anonymous or not has to do with this, i would have said the same thing to you in person. I did not understood your question hence me stating this. And anyone asking about copying software for trades etc i am assuming are new to this game, hence me wanting to try to save you from loosing money. But by all means, good luck and happy that someone understood your question and answered it.