Will Schumacher do it again on Sunday?

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  1. #11?
  2. Schumacher is the man.
  3. If not Schumi, then Rubens.
  4. Jeez, Irvine's Jag in 4th place in todays practice.
  5. That is pretty amazing, but Ferrari is still 1 and 2.
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    if only montoya was running on bridgestones as opposed to the crappy let down michelins.....
  7. The next 8 fastest in the 2nd practice were all on Michlins; I think its the car, not the tire.
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    true but montoya does great in getting pole positions but was reading something about the team taking chances on tires and starting him on used tires were he will lose pole to schuey or someone at the start of a race.

    But that's nothing to take away from schumacher's ability...4 straight years right? the first championship with a different team before jumping to ferrari...so its a great machine paired w/an amazing driver...
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    Heifeld will win a championship before Montoya,
    in 2004 or 2005.
  10. unless Nikki Lauda's boss, Richard Parry-Jones is able to identify the cause of the team's ills within the next 10 weeks.

    The problem certainly wasn't Bobby Rahul, that's for sure!

    Moreover, pulling out of F1 would cost Jaguar a mint due to the fact that the team's partners ( HSBC, Beck's, Castrol, etc. ) all have ongoing contracts which would be very difficult to back out of overnight.

    With Ford having lost $5.5 billion in 2001, there is nothing that will send the blood-pressure skyrocketing more in the CFO's office than discussing F1. It just be over not only for Eddie Irvine, but the Big Cat as well.
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