Will REVOLUTION Happen ?

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  1. http://www.ritholtz.com/blog/2009/10/american-bankers-association-protest-in-chicago/

    Maybe it will ?


    PAST DUE !!!!!!!!!!!!

    FASCISM does not sit well with "REAL" Americans....

    Clawbacks from the last ten years should already be happening....


    10/5 Ctax Only....no other taxes.....

    The New Exchange....no taxes...none....

    Separate the Banks from the securities business....

    IBs cannot compete with their customers....

  2. Outlaw 52" LCD and Plasma TVs, cancel American Idol, and make all sporting events payperview - only then might you see a little unrest.
  3. not so. I actually went to a neighborhood political meeting sunday. seems, ACORN has found it's way into local community, giving my neighbors utility bills over 1000 bucks a month. Widows are paying 800. If you get me off my ass for a local issue, Armageddon is upon us.
  4. Marx once said that Britain had all of the major ingredients for a revolution...but it's people lacked the will/initiative to do it. So no, America won't be revolting because our people lack the will/initiative (or at least the vast majority do).
  5. sosueme


    are you saying that americans are not revolting.
    Try standing outside a fast food store
  6. 66% of US pop. is overweight and/or obese, is that what you meant? We're revolting by destroying our bodies and turing into oddly-shaped creatures with zero physical capabilities. It's the opposite of a hunger strike I guess...but it doesn't seem to be working that well.

    Maybe we will "Eat the Rich."
  7. If the revolution comes, no more internet chat sites
  8. Putting lead inside every republican congress monkey would be a great beginning.

    Don't tell me you were in mars the last decade and don't know who was in charge and facilitated the entire mess.

    Add Chris Dodd and Rangel on the Dem. side and it would be a great first cleansing of the scum.

  9. Certainly doing so with tax policy. And when the rich are all consumed, there will be nothing [food] for anybody....

    But at least the government "will have everybody under their thumb"... and that's what Obama sees as ideal.

    Stuart Varney, journalist, said on Fox yesterday... "I left Britain 35 years ago to get away from what America is turning into"..

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  10. Let the others revolt while I watch all the social unrest on TV and short the ES even more.
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