Will Republicans turn down the "stimulus" money?

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  1. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090219/ap_on_bi_ge/bucking_the_stimulus

    I really don't think the "stimulus" money is going to do much, if anything, to help revive the economy. But if the Republicans actually flat-out reject taking it, I will be mightily impressed.

    It would show the public that they are actually willing to WALK the WALK, not just TALK the TALK, about fiscal responsibility.
  2. Republicans want to redo "Reagan revolution"

    Do everything in your power to discredit and trash a president who walked into an elevator shaft then put up a candidate who will dispense jingoism and a sense of "national pride" (Good Morning in America, etc) and you have a winner.

    Obama's presidency has no chance in hell of being successful through no fault of his own. The problems that W left him are so overwhelming that it is impossible to climb out in 4 or 8 years. Meanwhile Republicans will do their best to highlight how a "return to conservative principles" will rescue us all. By "conservative principles" they mean cutting taxes for the rich dramatically, jacking up the military budget and tripling the national debt (Reagan version 2.0)
  3. You can't just 'reject it'.
  4. I think the opposite is true.Bush left things so bad it cant get much worse and will only get better

    If obama did absolutely nothing things would get better do to the fact that credit is no longer easy to get so people cant keep buying things they cant afford

    All Obama has to due is stop the bleeding.no longer giving easy credit to people who cant pay it back will go a long way in doing that

    In 2 years economic numbers will be better.Obamas stimulus will get the credit for that.people will see infrastructure projects,troops coming home from Iraq ,Obama will be hailed as a politician who did what he said he would do_Obama has already put into motion all of his major campaign promises in less then 30 days into office

    The Republicans shot themselves in the foot by opposing the bill .Democrats will say it was them that starting turning the economy around and the repubs were against it.2010 and 2012 will stay with the Democrats unless some catastrophic event happens imo
  5. The repugs will of course the money, and blame Obama for making them take it...

    What choice does the party of whining victims have? Take it and cry about it like children...
  6. WASHINGTON — South Carolina's Republican governor says his state may accept money from President Barack Obama's stimulus plan even though he is ideologically opposed to it.

    Gov. Mark Sanford says being against the plan "doesn't preclude taking the money."

    Sanford said Thursday on CBS' "The Early Show" that he took a stand against the president's economic plan because it's "a bad idea." But he says ultimately he represents the interests of the almost 5 million people of his state, and he will look over the plan and decide whether some parts would work for South Carolina.

    Sanford also expressed skepticism about Obama's plan to reduce home foreclosures. The governor says: "Throw enough money at any problem and you're going to help some folks."
  7. fhl


    did rich dems turn down" tax breaks for the rich" from bush?
  8. So what rich dems did in the past makes it right for the repugs to be hypocritical now?

  9. So because Bush spent a bunch of money, Obama should spend even more?
  10. The Dems are known for spending like crazy, but Republicans used to be ideologically opposed to it. It really is generational theft.

    Now they are trying to get back to the roots of the party. But after being lost in the woods for so long, there needs to be a big show of action. Sen Lindsey Graham, Jeff Sessions, Boehner, McConnell, etc have all come out strongly against it.

    But if they worked with GOP governors to refuse acceptance, that would be Big.

    Not just talk. Big Action.
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