Will regulation SHO last?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Spxdes, May 24, 2006.

  1. Spxdes


    Quick question regarding reg SHO...come next year will it stay or will it get the boot? Any speculation on what the likely decision will be? Thanks.

  2. bidrec


    I think they will start to phase it out on October 1st when it will be theoretically possible to track all of the institutional securities lending transactions. Check out www.agencylending.capco.com/

    I should be possible to see who is lending stock they do not have.
  3. thorn


    You are totally wrong. This pilot has been a success, and eventually ALL HIGH CAP stocks will no have an uptick rule.

    The NYSE has collected the data, and the results are that the stocks that are now up-tick exempt, rose by a higher % than the similar stocks that were not on the list. They have concluded that stocks with no up-tick rule actually do better than those that have an up-tick rule. Conclusion: the up-tick rule will be abolished for HIGH CAP stocks with 500M in capitalization or more. This threshold is still be meticulously figured.
  4. Now thats good news!! any idea when this might take place?