will regular short make you a evil person?

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    the only trade I play is buying puts, and every morning before market opens, I'm eagerly searching for bad news. ...

    I sincerely feel I'm becoming an evil person, I had hoped market collpase because I'm holding couple hundred various puts.

    are all the shorts having the same problem here?

    I lost 40% of my puts value today alone, this seems to ease my guilty feeling a little bit.

    BTW, don't forget buy some PCLN and VMW Jan. puts.
  2. Either way, your taking other people's money, Some who have put their life savings in the stock market that are so oblivious to the risks. Whether it's up down.
  3. Most businesses fail. Is it wrong not to?
  4. Fail at least once in life, you must.
  5. u problem is u listen to nitro
  6. Oh, the guy who cannot come up with 5 sentences to explain p=np?

    If anyone can find me a post from this year with more than 10 sentences from him, I'd like to see it.

    The posts are only to build post count, and rarely offer any information besides links.

    Whether I am trading long or short I don't ever regard expecting markets to fall as evil. If you were purposely releasing negative information that wasn't true, that would be evil. Rumor mongering and excessive manipulation of information would be evil.

    There's nothing evil about taking a short position. There is something evil if you intend to manipulate shares somehow. I'm sure the other side doesn't know you're short, and I guarantee doesn't care.
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    Could you please explain your reasoning.

    I was thinking KMR was the best put play for earnings season.
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    If you ask me, trading is a game. You're just playing your side of the game. I make probably more than 85% of my trading income on the short side. Given, I'm a daytrader, so the stocks I trade the bad news has already happen and I don't really care what news it was to begin with. Any more bad news on top of that intra-day is just luck.

    Another thing, most great traders advocate trading with no emotion. I understand what you mean when saying you get that feeling of "hoping for bad news" when you're loaded short in a swing, but really you're just hoping for profit in your side of the trade.

    I think it's your mindset in the trade itself. Unless you're just shorting companies you hate, you shouldn't have emotion in the trade, it's all a game, and if you're short and it goes bankrupt, you're just positioned correctly. It's not your fault their business failed, you were just intelligent and skilled enough to profit upon it.
  9. Yes, you are evil.

    But only if you win. :)
  10. shorting honestly is a good thing because you want real value. i think bubbles hurt people a lot more.
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