Will "Recovery CD" work in new PC?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by goforwand, Aug 4, 2003.

  1. I'm picking up a Dell 4600 P4 2.4G/800Mhz FSB HT for a new back-up PC. My current Dell Optiplex came pre-installed with W2K, but this new PC comes pre-installed with XP Home.

    I'd like to run W2K on both systems and was wondering if I can use my recovery CD from the Optiplex to install W2K on the 4600?

    If I'm "breaking the law" or simply can't, then fine, I'll just get a full version of W2K but just wanted to check before I have to order a new OS.

  2. gnome


    1. Are you sure your W2K is a recovery CD and not an OEM version... just my curiosity.
    2. For your 2nd PC, I think you might also need the chipset driver that goes with its motherboard.

    If your copy of W2K is OEM and you have the chipset driver for the new MB, should work.