Will QQQ close above or below $65.40 today

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Will QQQ close above or below $64.50?

Poll closed Nov 28, 2012.
  1. Above, break through resistance like a boss

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  2. Below, it's already bounced off it 3 times, time to go short

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  1. Horizontal white line is previous R drawn from daily chart.

    This is a 2 minute chart:


    edit - I tranposed two numbers in the poll. The poll question should read $65.40, not $64.50. I tried to delete the thread but the forum software doesn't allow it.
  2. Lucrum


    Does the guy who guesses correctly get a prize?
  3. Well not now, since the market is about to close :D

    If you can correctly guess market direction you don't need a prize.
  4. After a gap down this morning, we're about to hit that resistance line again!
  5. Forgot the pic.

  6. It just touched.

    Now let's see if it keeps going up.
  7. Shouldn't your line be 6 to 12 cents higher?
  8. You mean based on the $65.40 in the thread title?

    I picked $65.40 because it was definitely above the line. I know sometimes price will go a little bit beyond a certain level before reversing, so I just wanted to leave a little extra room.
  9. 65.46 to 65.56.
  10. Where'd you get those numbers from?
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