Will prostitution ever become a major American export?

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  1. When the Soviet Union fell apart, girls from Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia flooded the international sex market because selling their bodies became the only way to earn a decent living. As they were young and desperate enough to do anything, these girls practically became a brand. They are so sought after that mail order bride scams catering to American and European men feature them almost exclusively.

    As we watch this slow and seemingly unstoppable decline and perhaps even destruction of the American republic, one cannot help but wonder if young American girls might someday find it more rewarding to serve at the tables of the casinos in Macau than to teach English to Chinese brats who try to get fresh during their private sessions with their English tutor without paying extra. Perhaps we will see them popping up at the nightclubs of Dubai or become permanent fixtures at some dive bar in Bali or Phuket. In the beginning at least, their chirpy American accents will mean higher rates and maybe even better tips. For many and probably even for most, providing exotic services to stinky men with bad body odor may actually provide them with an income that is higher than anything else they might get in the US of A regardless of their educational credentials. In short, it could become the sort of mutually beneficial relationship that leads to the establishment of new patterns of international trade.

    So say farewell to Pax Americana, wave goodbye to the American dream; for this could very well be a vision of the future that is just the sort of change which you can believe in.
  2. Good insight. It has actually been that for quite a while. Hidden from the population at large.

    I call it a Frankenstein Cocktail. The cocktail is part molestation, vaccination, poisoned food supplies, cultural programming (eg. television programming), and boomers keeping the younger generation poor. See glamcuties.com for some example casualties.
  3. Not too many people are aware of this, however, since you brought up the subject...

    Scientists in the US designed a molecule that was too large to get past the blood/brain barrier. So they broke it in two and got it lodged in the hippocampus. That molecule vibrates at certain frequencies. I think ultrasound, but others are desinged on microwaves. When vibrated at different frequencies, that molecule will induce various emotions in the female brain. Every corporation has their own particular "version". Ever wonder why Coca-Cola kept coming out with new "formulas"? Or.. the various brands of "sugar-free" additives? Those are examples.

    A few of the "elite" in the US actually have what I call "zappers". It's a 2 button device. The first button activates a woman's "falling in love" emotions. It takes some timing before you hit second button. The second button hits her "must give a blow job" emotion. There is more to it and requires prior ponographic experience in the woman, because basically the woman is running away from her prior experiences and is desperately searching for a "savior". That is why this device is only used by the "elite". Gotta have a good car, lingo, and social proof for the system to work. Other than that, age and looks do not matter. That's the boomers.
  4. As you might imagine, this is quite popular overseas. And of course, the designers of these products trade for asians, middle easterns, indians, and eastern europeans. Sometimes blacks too.

    Of course, all the girls are desperately running for the exits and eventually fight back. Then they are pushed off the back of boats in the Mediterranean and Caribbean. Way of the world.
  5. Each country has their own "recipe" for scaring hot chicks into bed. Always starts with childhood trauma. Usually right out of the womb. Then sexualization around 4 or 8. Then she's pretty much locked down into a pattern for the rest of her life. That trauma also frequently is used to confuse males about their own sexuality. That takes them out of the competition for those females. Two parts to this equation. One is to get women to respond to sexual commands. The other part is to ensure males stay out of the way. That's the older model. The US technology has improved over the past several years. It's supply lines with "pussy extraction missions" with unwitting soldiers defending "freedom" these days. Blips on a screen to the Pentagon.
  6. Of course, any resistance to authority is dealt with force. Then they are killed if they figure out too much. In this way, the global population is depopulated from anyone intelligent or pretty.
  7. I should say that Hispanics are usually used for experimentation. They have a tendency to fight back so are good test subjects for submissification. Most, if not all, are killed, however useful from a laboratory perspective. Anyone see Jennifer Lopez' party picture in Las Vegas today? That's an example. She was tough to get to, however, persistence always gets the hot chick. I'm not sure, but based on her eyes and facial expression it looked like someone slipped her a light mickey, followed by some amanita. Got her at a weak moment. Raped. Poor girl.
  8. So all that is quite horrifying I agree.

    If the stupid Treasury would simply assert their non debt to the Fed, then they could tie the dollar to US exports. Real goods of course. Not females and not digital. Just so there is no ambiguity.
  9. I am reminded of the pyramids. Aztec and Mayan and Toltecs too.

    Do you know how and why the pyramids were built in Egypt? All the guys fought over all the girls. The girls were killed and they guys were sitting around with nothing to do. So they built the pyramids as a monument to make sure it never happened again. I guess we didn't learn from history. Unfortunately, courtesy of the US monetary and military dominance, it is global this time. How many will survive? Probably quite few. If at all. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

    Aztec and Mayan are different by the way. They were invaded. Faked. Duped. Brought in a decent one. Followed by a bunch of copy cats. The copy cats slaughtered everybody while they fucked all the hot chicks. Bodies decomposed in the jungles. The entire continent went nearly extinct before the copy cats left. A few children survived in the mountain tops. Not sure any will survive this time around. Bush et al set up camp in Paraguay I think. Other places too. Probably will be no survivors this time around. The US military is quite horny. As is the American population. So, none will make it out this time. Gotta keep it a secret. Leave no witnesses.
  10. I was in Japan just before the tsunami. Hardly a girl left there. The US military already had swept through. Saw a couple of wounded females walking around in near zombie-mode, but not many. Then the US military nuked the sea to scare the rest into submission. The plan had been to blow up Okinawa to stage a terrorist event. That would enable the US military to set off a nuke on Tokyo. I did my best to block that, however, was not able to block that tsunami. Knee-jerk reactions. Always plausible deniability. I spoke to a few to many I guess. Hardly anyone left there now. All the hot chicks got offers of "safety" elsewhere. Probably dead by now. It's been a few months and those girls either give up or fight back at some point.

    So, I'm thinking you're right about the last remaining females might be in the US. However. A lot of asian boys are pissed at the US military decimating their female populations. I am wondering...

    Important question here:

    Will the US population kill off the last remaining females on planet earth to avoid a land-based invasion?

    That does seem a likely outcome.
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